Rep Tryout Information

Get your gear out – Rep Tryouts are happening!

All tryouts at the Baltimore Rec Centre.

March 12

  • U9 (2015/2016)     9-10am
  • U11 (2013/2014)   10-11am
  • U13 (2012/2011)   11-12pm
  • U15 (2009/2010)   12-1pm
  • U17 (2007/2008)   1-2pm

March 19

  • U9      9:30-10:30am
  • U11    10:30-11:30am
  • U13    11:30-12:30pm
  • U15    12:30-2pm

March 26

  • U9     10-11am
  • U10   11-12pm
  • U11   12-1pm

April 2

  • U9     10-11am
  • U10   11-12pm
  • U11   12-1pm

What you need to know?

All players wishing to try out must be registered through the SportzSoft portal. Please select ‘rep tryout’ for the desired age group. If a player registers for rep & is not selected for the team, those funds would then be transferred to HouseLeague fees.

A player resident in a community represented by a rep club entered in a category for which he is eligible to play, must register with that club except where such player’s services are waived by that club subject to the provisions of MR3.11.
NOTE: Any player who has not registered with their resident association by the following dates will be ineligible for a rep release. If a club folds a team for which the player would have been eligible, the player will not be eligible for a release under MR2.08(b).
Box: 3rd Sunday in March
Field: March 1st
Women’s Field: 3rd Sunday in March
Fall Field: August 15th

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